Yes, you can. You can make a purchase with Klix also without creating a Klix account before. Only after making a purchase you will be asked if you want to save your data for next time and create a Klix account.

If you chose to do save your data you will be able to use the 'fast checkout with Klix' to autofill any of the fields (name, surname, contact info, delivery address, card data) on any of the Klix partner stores online with the data you used for your previous purchase with Klix. We do therefore recommend to register and save your data to get the most out of your Klix checkout experience.

Without registering a Klix account you won't be able to:
confirm your purchases with just a few "klix" (read: clicks. See what we did there?)
manage your cards
see your purchase history
and much more...
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